South of Boston: Born and Raised - Company Story

In early childhood Jeff and Jodi Sinatra were immersed in design and marketing. Their father was an original member of one of the largest Advertising Agencies in Boston and won two “Best of Show” Hatch Awards in the same year.

Not surprisingly, Jeff and Jodi gravitated toward the design and marketing profession – Jodi became an award winning designer and Jeff a sales and marketing strategist. They’ve spent a combined 20 years developing print materials, web sites, brands, and IT infrastructure for a wide range of companies from large institutions to small companies.

Entrepreneurial by nature, they decided to break out on their own to form The Sinatra Company, a design and marketing firm located just south of Boston, MA. They believe a personal connection is essential in understanding the design and marketing goals of their clients in order to help create a customized long-term plan of action.

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